Redefining Insurance for Design Professionals

Asking the Right Questions

Prior to starting an application, our specialists have a fact-finding session in order to paint a picture of the design professional’s needs. This is just a conversation so we can get to know them, and they can get to know us. Our experience allows us to ask the right questions during this initial meeting to eliminate a lot of back and forth later on.

Making Things Easier

We take all of the information gathered during the initial meeting, and complete the professional liability insurance application with the design professional. This is a joint process where our specialists walk through the application on an explanatory basis and educate the client on how they can save money. Unlike the majority of other insurance agencies, our clients never complete an application alone – we do it with them. This review takes place well before expiration to avoid any surprises from carriers and to ensure that our client gets the best coverage

Looking at the Big Picture

In addition to professional liability insurance, we also explore any non-professional lines – property, field equipment, general liability, auto, workers compensation, etc – with the design professional. Our specialists gather all of the information needed for the non-professional lines, like building location, equipment list, auto, payrolls for workers compensation, etc. Instead of needing to talk to a separate agent for non-professional coverage, you will only have to talk to one insurance agent, once a year. This makes certificate issuance that much easier for you.

The Proper Coverage for the Right Price

We understand the market and where the carriers’ pricing should be. We gather a number of proposals from trusted carriers who we have approached and discussed the application at hand with, then present the options to the design professional.

Looking Out for Your Best Interest

We pride ourselves on being more than an insurance agency. Clients work with a defined account team – a group of specialists who know the client and look out for the best interest of their business. The Klein Agency also offers contract reviews, in-house continuing education and risk management seminars – all free of charge for our clients.