Individually Crafted


The Klein Agency has provided insurance solutions to design professionals for more than 30 years. Our knowledge and understanding goes beyond the ease of just doing business, it goes to the bottom line savings on premium. If you have an agent that does not understand what you do, chances are the policies will fall short and quite possibly you are paying too much.

As a design professional, you have unique exposures that need specialized insurance coverage. We individually craft every policy on specialized basis because our experience has taught us that every individual has a different need.

Since 1982, we have provided effective insurance solutions for:


As an architect, your world revolves around plans. You plan for the functionality and safety of a building. What happens when something does not go to plan? Are you covered?

Insurance for Architects


As an engineer, the work you do improves the ways the world communicates, works, travels, and stays healthy. Making sure you are covered with the right E&O insurance policy is key.

Insurance for Engineers

Land Surveyors

The work you do as a land surveyor ensures public safety and allows for modern day conveniences, like roads and bridges. It is important your E&O insurance coverage fully protects you.

Land Surveyors Insurance