Insurance for Subsurface Utility Engineers

Defined by the ASCE/CI 38-02 standards, Subsurface Utility Engineering is an innovative process that combines elements of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Geotechnical Engineering.

As the leading insurance broker for SUE firms, the Klein Agency understands the General Liability, Field Equipment, Workers Compensation, and Professional exposures for clients that engage in:

  • Subsurface Utility Engineering
  • Underground Utility Investigation
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Test Hole Vacuum Excavation
  • Private Utility Marking
  • Video Pipe Imaging
  • Concrete Scanning

For over 30 years, we develop comprehensive insurance programs that address risk and reduce the cost of doing business.  Our track record is exemplified by privileged access to the leading E&O carriers, several state association endorsements, and our inclusion in a/e ProNet.

ASCE SUE Picture

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